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Consumer Electronics

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The Consumer Electronics package is one of our most comprehensive packages.  It includes contracts between the main participants of the consumer electronics value chain, covering the relationships for from design, to manufacture, to retail to reverse logistics (which is the "in-the-know" industry term for warranty returns processing).  This package is a must-have for business people involved in the creation, manufacture and sale of consumer electronics for a number of reasons.  Each agreement reveals the important deal terms to consider at each stage of the value chain.  And having an understanding of the deal points throughout the value chain will give you more perspective and greater insight in how an issue in one deal may impact a position you need to take on another deal.  For example, if you know that your retailers will require return rights, then you'll want to negotiate for purchase order delivery rescheduling in your manufacturing agreement in order to better manage your inventory needs.  And for you lawyers out there, you will be hard pressed to find better starter forms to draft your deals.