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Entities & Ownership

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When you're looking for information and forms to start a company, there are numerous resources available on the Internet, and we encourage you to seek them out.  Our Entities & Ownership package goes beyond those resources to provide you with the harder-to-find forms that address formation and ownership complexities not covered in typical agreements available online.  This packages includes contracts that address issues that come up prior to entity formation, and other more complex post-formation issues like conversion (e.g. from partnership to LLC, or LLC to corporation), transfer of ownership, and securitization of equity. As an added bonus, we've included a Mutual Rescission and Release Agreement to unwind a bad deal - which you will want to consider from time to time. 

This package is ideal for the entrepreneur that wants to form a company the right way, for the business executive that wants to learn more about how to resolve entity and equity issues, and the lawyer who represents those types of clients.